• Secret Formula

    Secret Formula

    All those weeks we were looking for a secret formula that would bring us closer to the children. It’s not easy to organise afternoon activities. For several reasons. Firstly there is a wide range of kids from all the grades. Secondly, you never know how many of them will come. Each one has different needs and especially the youngest ones always try to get the volunteers‘ attention at all cost. And then, one day we came to school at …Mehr »
  • Marta’s first weeks in the shoes of a volunteer

    Marta’s first weeks in the shoes of a volunteer

    I like looking at the photos Katerina took on my first day with kids. I didn’t know anything about them, each of them was just a name I couldn’t remember no matter how many times they would repeat it, couple of big brown eyes staring at me and a bunch of hands touching my skin. Now I’m starting to develop a special bond with them, I’m beginning to understand their way of working. At this point I must tell …Mehr »
  • Vittoria’s story: Picking up the loose threads

    Vittoria’s story: Picking up the loose threads

    One important story which deserves an explanation is Vittoria’s brief but very memorable 6 weeks involvement with Li Ch’utam and her contribution to the weaving project launched by Nicoline’s team last year. Vittoria is a talented young Italian bag designer from London who came to volunteer for us at the end of April with the aim of focusing on the textiles workshop. The idea was to share her expertise in bag design with Mercedes women in order to create …Mehr »
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